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Booster Pack
Booster Pack
ParaWorld: Gold Edition
Sunflowers Deep Silver
Release date(s)
February 6, 2007
Official Expansions
Microsoft Windows
Real-Time Strategy

ParaWorld: Gold Edition is a version of ParaWorld containing the Booster Pack along with Patch 1.05 as a good bye present to fans due to SEK (Spieleentwicklungskombinat) shutting down because of insufficient sales.

Booster Pack[]

The Booster Pack was a good bye present to SEK's fans. The Pack contained 2 new heros, 3 new missions and files for 9 wild animals as well as several bug fixes however the pack released was the beta version and so their were many bugs including files missing for 1 of the wild animals also it was only released in German.

Features Included[]

  • David Leighton (Hero)
  • Heinrich Kleemann (Hero)
  • Mission: 4.1 (Mission)
  • Mission: 4.2 (Mission)
  • Mission: 4.3 (Mission)
  • Undead Warrior (Norsemen Unit)
  • Norsemen Flamethrower (Norsemen Unit)
  • Dustriders Flamethrower (Dustriders Unit)
  • Dragon Clan Flamethrower (Dragon Clan Unit)
  • Extended Ship Repair (Dragon Clan Upgrade)
  • Skull Totem (Dustriders Building)
  • Giganotosaurus (Wild Animal)
  • Liopleurodon (Wild Animal)
  • Edmontosaurus (Wild Animal)
  • Mosasaurs (Wild Animal)
  • Tarbosaurus (Wild Animal)
  • Euoplocephalus (Wild Animal)
  • Heterodontosaurus (Wild Animal)
  • Amargasaurus (Wild Animal)
  • SDK (Map Editor)

Translated Release[]

The community of Para-Welt created translated versions of the pack which contains the translations and several bug fixes caused by the beta version in the community patches.


Community Patch 1.3

  • Fixes Seismosaurus Titan Bug (Mission: 4.3)
  • Missing New Wild Dinosaurs Added To Booster Pack Campaign Maps
  • Tooltips For New Dinosaurs/Heroes/Units Added Or Corrected
  • Spinosaurus Text Translated In French
  • New Dinosaurs Added To SDK
  • Added Icon For The Avatar (Mission: 4.2)
  • Missing Booster Pack Mission Images Added To Main Menu
  • Wrong Player Names And Other Text Bugs are fixed


- The Ceratosaurus was another Wild Animal to be in the Booster Pack, unfortunately the released version only contained the scripting and the textures but the model files were missing, as the modeling tools were not released, it is impossible to add this dinosaur back in the game.

- The Ground Sloth is another addition to the Booster Pack, due to the released version being a beta version, the Ground Sloth was not added in-game. It was ment to be an Easter Egg that appeared in one of the missions like the Ninja Monkey and the Gigantopithecus however because it is an easter egg it's whereabouts in-game were unknown and so was not added in the Fixed Version.

- Heinrich Kleemann is already a playable character but he is only playable on one mission and not skirmish mode and so the Booster Pack allows him to be playable in skirmish mode aswell.

- Heinrich Kleemann is the only hero that was only playable in the Campaign.

- David Leighton is the only main character (except the Trader Triplets) that is not a playable character.